Wiretapping – Government | Mitsotakis hostage and embarrassed

Wiretapping – Government | Mitsotakis hostage and embarrassed
Wiretapping – Government | Mitsotakis hostage and embarrassed

Democracy and the country’s institutions are irreparably damaged, as what has been revealed since last summer with the wiretapping scandal  has  no precedent and the person responsible for all of this,  the prime minister himself, is now a hostage of a system  he set up  and of the merciless conflicts that seem to are now prevailing within it as  to who will be in control of developments. He is unable to control the events  that every day drag him into the mire he opened, while, instead of shedding abundant light, he  still seeks obscurity .

The  revelation of the ” Documento ”  newspaper with the list of 33 surveillances, ministers, political leaders of the opposition, businessmen has turned the government upside down and is already causing  strong reactions from the entire political world . It is certain that additional evidence is required which the Court must look for after yesterday  ‘s intervention by the prosecutor of the Supreme Court . Also the ministers and other political officials who were allegedly under surveillance should speak up and demand a  full investigation  and not hide. They owe it not only to themselves, but to the very state they serve.

Wiretapping - Government |  Mitsotakis hostage and embarrassed

It didn’t happen again

The information insists that within the government and the Parliamentary Group of the ND. there is  unprecedented excitement as everyone waits for what’s next, since no one knows if the list of 33 names is unique or if there are other people being watched. It is certain that in the next period the cohesion of the government faction will be tested, especially if there is information that is announced, while MPs say in their private discussions that,  if the truth of the revelations is proven, there will be an earthquake, since there was no government staff to monitor ministers…

The prime minister, who will make an emergency appearance on ANT1 tonight,  must give clear and unambiguous explanations  and not talk about plots against the government and vindictive victims, as he did yesterday with the first government announcement. Until now, as can be seen from the statements of the Minister of Development  Adonis Georgiadis  and the government representative  Yiannis Oikonomouthe government is again creating scenarios that it is the target of fraud .

Yesterday’s  revelations  come as a continuation of those ten days ago by the newspapers “Ta Nea” and “To Vima” which belong to the group of businessman  Vangelis Marinakis  and which indirectly but clearly talked about  monitoring of the businessman himself by the same mechanism set up by  the Dimitriadis  inside the Maximos Palace . Those revelations were made at a time when the scandal had left the news and caused questions about their expediency, since  the Marinaki group is the main supporter of the government .

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The publication caused a blackout in Maximou, who made an  awkward announcement  through the government spokesman Yiannis Oikonomou and many hours late, even though the prime minister’s staff was aware of the revelations before the newspaper was published. He launched a  fierce attack on the editor of the newspaper G. Vaxevani , characterizing him as “a national slanderer and a man who has surpassed in imagination and ingenuity even the greatest storytellers ” and claimed that, when such claims are made, the questions that arise are who is telling them and what is its purpose.

However, he did not say  a word about the substance of the revelations , instead, describing scenarios of conspiracy, he noted that it ” attempts to hurt the government, to benefit those whom it serves devotedly, and to put water in the mill of centers that have been disturbed by the government and do not hide their dissatisfaction with the stability and security that Greece has achieved. Centers that would prefer another government, more convenient, and another prime minister, weak and controllable .’ These are arguments that the prime minister himself had previously mentioned, “taking pictures” of  Putin  and  Erdogan .

Mr. Economou made it known, and this is perhaps the only positive thing from the government announcement, that  the government will proceed with the  universal  ban on the sale of malicious surveillance software , an act that will make Greece, as he said, the first country in Europe where their circulation will be prohibited.

He also claimed that  surveillance software  exists  in Greece as in the rest of Europe, but it has not been purchased or used by any public authority, and that the government has sought from the first moment to investigate this case and an open judicial investigation  is underway  .