Americans responsible for ISIS attack on prison in Hasakah

Americans responsible for ISIS attack on prison in Hasakah

Americans responsible for ISIS attack on prison in Hasakah

by Armen Tigranakert

The growing activities of ISIS militants have become a key subject of the events in Syria this week. Terrorists have been carrying out a full-fledged special operation attempting to release their supporters from the al-Sina’a prison in Hasakah city. It should be reminded Kurdish forces control this area under the close supervision and support of their American patrons.


The analysis of militants’ actions at the attack on the prison reveals that it was carefully planned. Two suicide bombers detonated truck bombs next to walls of the jail, after which the assault came from four directions. A separate group of the terrorists burned fuel tanks to create a smoke screen. The rest jihadists blocked arrival routes for the SDF.

The Kurdish forces were forced to deploy additional units from Raqqa and Deir Ezzor provinces to stop the militants. Later, the US military joined the suppression of the ISIS. In particular, Hasakah’s Guweiran district was hit by airstrikes, American helicopters and heavy armored vehicles were involved in the operation.

Dozens of civilians were killed in hostilities that have been provoked by the attack on the prison and culminated in clashes in the streets on Hasakah city. Many houses were damaged beyond repair. Hundreds of people were forced to leave districts located near the jail. Moreover, the Chief of the Military Academy, Mohammad Hajr, and al-Sina’a prison Chief, Jamal Kobani, were killed. The SDF lost more than 60 fighters.

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According to a number of military experts, such a large-scale operation couldn’t be prepared and carried out unbeknownst to the US intelligence. More brave analysts claim the US was aware of the preparing attack and even a participating of the American advisors in the preparation of this assault. The US tries to justify its military presence in Syria one more time like that amid the growing discontent of Syrians and the Syrian authorities.

It should be noted that even if estimates of the experts were exaggerated in relation to the US involvement in this incident, have look at the aftermath, just how it happened in reality.

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